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The best commercial outcomes in your business happen when you the entrepreneur are most in alignment. 

Private 1:1 Coaching - Take your business + life to the next level.

How would it feel to finally get a grasp on how you can take your business to the next level with calmness, clarity and commitment?

This program is about getting you in alignment with who you really are, what you are here to do and translating that into your business and your business results. 

Yes we will talk about sales, marketing, operations, products and services, profit/ loss, niches, target audiences, go to market strategies, hiring & firing all in the pursuit of more revenue, profit and growth while adding value to your customers or clients.

But we will also talk about energy, mindset, your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, your breath and your body.

Because they are 100% linked to your commercial success.

If you want:

A better connection with yourself,

More confidence in what you do,

Clarity in how to move forward,

And commercial outcomes that grow your business,

Then this program is for you.

My clients grow their businesses by 20%, 100% and some by 500% all over the 6 month time frame…. No joke.

It’s a matter of getting clear on what’s right for you, and creating from that space with connected confidence.

Are you starting to notice you can't keep working harder and pushing more to make more...and, no matter how much you achieve, you can't just push yourself to the next level AND make it feel right?

That's where I come in. You see everything you create in your life including your business comes from you, so your current business, its results and its challenges are a direct reflection of where you are at as an entrepreneur.

If you want your business to change in a meaningful way, you have to change.

We need to bust you out of your comfort zone, help you tackle the limiting beliefs and patterns you have learned and help you “reprogram” or “rewire” yourself for greater success in business and life.

So, what if I told you, there's very little point working on your business in isolation without working on you first because any changes we make in your business will be short lived as your business will eventually return to the level that you are at i.e. your comfort zone.

In order to grow your business successfully we MUST grow you.

How would it feel to finally cut through the mental noise that keeps you up at night, robs you of sleep and distracts your focus during your important work hours and finally feel connected and powerful?

How would it feel to actually hear your intuition again and know you can trust it to make the kind of innovative business decisions that set you apart in the market and skyrocket your revenue?

That's the power that comes from clarity when you're working in partnership with the universe, and I want to help you tap into and harness that power.

When you are in a place of connection, stillness, confidence and clarity you will find that you easily attract and achieve the best commercial outcomes for you and your business i.e. profitable ones.

The hardest part of this process is finding your way through the mental noise to the place that you can call home i.e. your truth, your higher self. From this place you are calm, connected and powerful. You have clarity and are working in partnership with the universe.

I want to help you find your natural state of being and create from that space all while improving your business and its results. It’s going to be a process and it will take work but it is 100% possible for you.

I’ll be here supporting you on this journey. Think of me as part Yoda, part Yogi, 100% Coach and cheer squad helping you achieve the best outcome possible for you and your business. You are not left alone during this process, it’s about creating lasting growth and transformation from the inside out and I’m here to support you.

You’ll leverage my razor sharp intuition, corporate transformation background, entrepreneurial skills, yogi teachings (I’m qualified as a yoga teacher) and Post Grad University Coaching qualifications to help you stay on the right track, moving forward and on the path to finding your truth and success.

So what does this 6 month program look like?

Well it all starts with a call between you and I, the purpose of this call is simple, it’s our opportunity to get to know each other and decide if we would like to work together. 

Then we have 18 x 60 minute coaching sessions together over 6 months, that’s 3 per month. 

Each session is focused specifically on moving you forward, addressing all of those pesky challenges and blockers that arise in you and your business (remember they are linked) in order to get you to your desired outcome, income/ revenue and profit levels you want.

It’s fair to say that this program is part personal development, part business development and 100% all about you, your mission and moving you forward to greater success and better commercial outcomes for you and your business. This is powerful! 

This is where you will start to see all of your limiting beliefs, patterns, fears and blockers pop up.  This is where true transformation begins because in order to grow your business to the next level you are going to have to overcome ONE BIG THING, and that is YOU!

What will you get out of this program?

Well what do you want?

You know that if you approach your problems with the same thoughts, beliefs, patterns, actions and perspective you are 100% going to get the same results… right!

Until you ‘see’ your patterns, nothing will change because you are not aware of it. 

Remember this program is about getting you in alignment with who you really are, what you are here to do and translating that into your business and your business results. 

How would it feel to KNOW you are on the right path, that everything you are doing is in direct alignment with where you want to go AND you can tackle problems with confidence with your newfound perspective?  AMAZING right!!!

The fact you are here and reading this means you have already come so far with your business and that’s something to celebrate. You have already achieved and now it’s time for me to help motivate, inspire and push you to tap into the next level that is there waiting for you. The sky is really the limit, it’s totally up to you and how far you are prepared to go. I mean that sincerely, all of my clients get uniquely different results as part of this program and that’s the point it’s tailored specifically to what they need, so it will be tailored specifically to what you need in every single session together.

This is about getting you tangible business results in an aligned way. 

By the time we have finished working together you will not only have identified your limiting beliefs, habits and thoughts, you will have broken them, created new supportive habits and having achieved or be onto the path to achieving your dreams. 

The best way to more forward and find out if we are a fit to work together is to book a FREE call with me via the button below. This call is an opportunity to have a fun chat, learn more about each other and how I can help you create much bigger, brighter and better version of what you believe is possible for yourself and your that 'crazy' revenue goal you want to hit, the new product you want to bring to market, or that impact you're dying to make.

Check out this client testimonial video from Entrepreneur & Actor Kat Elizabeth and what she had to say about going through the program.


The program details:

  • Program length: 6 months

  • No. of Coaching sessions: 18 x 60min held online via Zoom conferencing. That’s 3 sessions per month, with project management software to keep you on track.

  • Investment: This program is a 5 figure investment in you and your business.


Remember this is both personal and professional transformation coaching program to help you get amazing business results like revenue growth of 20%,100% and 500% and feel more connected and in control while doing it.

We are working on both you and your business from the inside out so you can truly create an aligned business the works for you AND have greater commercial success.

It’s not ordinary transactional “business coaching” this is a holistic approach to your long term business success. 

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Who is this not for?

Results aside this is not for people wanting a “quick fix”, yes you will get amazing insights from the very first coaching session with plenty of light bulb and ah-ha moments but I am interested in your long term success and lasting transformation which takes time, why? You have to rewire and reprogram yourself in order to reach your new level. Think of all those pesky limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns you are going to have to disrupt so you can reach your next level, they don’t go away easily.

I show up 100% committed to this coaching process and I expect you to also.

This is a partnership and it’s my job to challenge you, without it you won’t grow.

I am not going to let you play small and I will let you know when you are lying to yourself.

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I look forward to working with you.

- Rich Everett

Client Testimonials

My life and business would not be the same without Rich. I’ve gone from struggling and accepting what was dealt to me to going after exactly what I want with confidence and clarity.
— Kat Elizabeth, Actor & Entrepreneur
Rich is always able to help me find clarity when I need it. He has a unique way of breaking down what you are facing so it seems simple and achievable.
— David Lewis, Entrepreneur
I started coaching with Rich because I thought I needed more structure in my business and while I’d been able to build a successful high 6 figure business in my own right , Rich showed me how to get out of my own way, open up to larger possibilities and take my business to the next level. You always feel supported when working with Rich, he has a gift.
— R.Hicks, Entrepreneur
Rich is the real deal, I encourage you to work with him. It has literally been life changing.
— D. Havercamp, Entrepreneur
In our first coaching session Rich helped me unlock what had been holding me back in my business for years and he did it in a way that was so empowering.
— I. Tal, Entrepreneur

Corporate clients: